FB 08 – Tutorials for tutors

Welcome to the course of Tutorial for tutors!

The course focuses on the problems of tutors who for the first time enter the classrooms as teachers. How effectively organise the tutorials? How to address everyone within two-hour window? What should I do if the students prefer to play with their handy rather than solving the problems?

In our course we will address these and other questions that everyone faces when he or she starts teaching.

The course is anticipated as a one-day on-line training in Teams or on-site training in JGU, depending on your preferences. Working language is English. We issue a certificate at the end of the course.

For the tutors who have no teaching experience this training is mandatory and takes place one week before or during the first two weeks of the semester. The exact date can be agreed to fit all the participants. The group includes up to 15 participants.

For those who has teaching experience but would like to attend the training and get a certificate I would organise the course during the semester.


If you have further questions and would like to sign up for the course, please, contact Olena Gomonay ogomonay@uni-mainz.de